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Benefits for Small Businesses

A small business employs up to 100 employees. Due to rising costs, employers state that they lack an ability to offer a diverse range of benefits. However, providing benefits help with recruitment and retention in employees. In other words, people are looking at benefit packages. A benefits package can also improve productivity, engagement and financial security.

Access to these benefits can affect employees on and off the job. The lack of benefits can lead to the lack of care. The lack of care can lead to the lack of productivity. If someone is worried about finances, if they are sick or hurt, then chances are their mental state won’t be in the right place for work. This can affect the way employees complete their tasks, talk to coworkers, or even talk to customers.

What can a small business owner offer? There are major medical health, dental, and vision plans. Those are usually classified as core benefits. Life insurance is also a benefit that employees are looking for. In addition, there are accident, cancer, critical illness, hospital confinement, and short-term disability plans. The plans are all pretty self-explanatory based on the names. They all have their own importance, especially to different people.

That’s where I, the agent, come in. I would first sit and talk to the business owner, the decision maker. We would have a conversation about wants and needs. After our conversation, I would find solutions. I use our conversation to determine which benefits to look into. Upon research, I would offer the benefit solutions to the business owner or decision maker. Then from there I can educate and enroll each of the employees.


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