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I was born as Rhianna Olson. As of September 2023, I am now Rhianna Straker. I am a health and life insurance agent local to St Lucie County, native Floridian. I wanted a better life for my daughters. Through working at medical facilities, I had pretty good knowledge about insurance. It was while working at the check-out desk at a primary care office that I decided to pursue insurance.

In 2020, I was able to obtain my health and life insurance license. I became a field agent mostly focusing on individual and family health plans. Due to a lack of support and not getting where I wanted to be, I tried Medicare Advantage plans through a call center. While in telesales, I obtained my license in several other states. At one time I was licensed in about 30 states. Due to not keeping up to date, I currently have 16 active state licenses.

This year, I decided to rejoin the field. I joined Aflac. Shortly after, I signed several contracts under Owen Insurance Group. At this time, I’m contracted to help individuals, families, and small businesses with ACA Marketplace plans, private insurance plans, Medicare Advantage, Medicare. Supplement and prescription plans, dental, vision, life insurance, and ancillary plans, such as accident, hospital confinement, critical illness, and cancer. Through all of my options, I have a solution for everyone.

I want to be able to help as. Many people, in as many ways as I can. I listen to everyone’s needs and stresses. Through that, I do research and come up with customized solutions. Some want to save money, some have more medical needs, some just want something in case of a catastrophic event. I always keep my fiduciary responsibility at the forefront of my mind. I stay in compliance, I stay ethical, I keep my integrity, and I keep the client’s best interest first.

Although I try to stay flexible, I love face to face appointments. They are more personable. It’s nice to know the person you work with (as this goes both ways) and build a relationship. I love sitting with a client and learning about them as much as they want to offer. Everyone has a different story, and I love personal reminders of that. After hearing the client’s story, I love taking information I have learned to develop a solution for them. Some know exactly what they want or need, and some create a little more of a challenge. I love finding a solution, presenting the information, and the client being satisfied with the news. I was made to help people. Insurance allows me to fulfill this duty. No matter how small or large the solution is, they have an impact. As long as I presented something that fits the client’s needs, I feel successful.

Even as I hit goals created by the carriers I represent; it doesn’t always make me feel accomplished. The biggest accomplishments come from clients. I’ve had clients new to Medicare that didn’t know much. I take the time to educate and help them become more aware of how Medicare and the options all work. Their appreciation and satisfaction are rewards in themselves. Helping families save money, especially when it was their main complaint, is an accomplishment. I always put the client first. I want them to walk away with new pieces of information and some happiness from our conversations. I want to help guide them in the direction that suits them the most.

What about when I am not working as an agent? I always have an open ear for opportunities. My priority is, and always will be, my girls. They are 8 and 3, and they are the light of my life. They have huge hearts, character, and energy. My husband is also my joy, as we have been together since 2011. It has always been the little things he’s done for me, the way he thinks about me, the way he treats me. I love him and everything he is. It’s also been great watching him be a dad to our girls. Where do we go? What do we do? For the most part, I am a homebody. There is nothing wrong with staying home on my days off, doing a lot of nothing. I find joy in it. I do like to watch movies: comedy, action, romance, drama, and Disney. Speaking of Disney, I am a huge fan. In fact, I am a Passholder to Walt Disney World. I try to go at least once a month, even if it’s just for one day. I love the rides, the atmosphere, the characters, the shows… Although I know I don’t do it enough, I like to take my kids on adventures. I like the zoo, the park, fountains, museums, aquariums, etc. I used to read a lot, always realistic fiction, romance. I haven’t been reading much since having kids. One of these days I’ll get back into it. Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author. I haven’t done much traveling. I have been to a few states, on a couple of cruises, to the Bahamas…. My goal is to travel the world, with and without my kids. There are so many places I want to see and enjoy.

There was a time, before becoming an insurance agent, that I thought I was going to be a teacher. I received my associate degree in English Education, and I got halfway through my bachelor’s degree in elementary education. Let’s just say I gained respect for teachers, and lost interest in becoming one. I went from the education field (I was also a preschool teacher) to the medical field. I held clerical positions in an urgent care, orthopedic office, primary care, and detox facility.

As mentioned before, I am contracted through several agencies. For that reason, I created Surefire Medical Protection. That was I can represent myself under one name. Yes, I still represent the specific agencies. To represent myself, I use the name I created. Some ask, “why Surefire?” Well, the meaning of Surefire is to be certain to succeed or meet expectations. That is my goal with every client.

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